This is where the story starts...

I grew up in the most north eastern part of the Czech republic, near borders with Slovakia ( there did not used to be a border there as we were one country than) and Poland.


Whilst both of my parents were Czechs, I was still exposed since my early age to Polish and Slovakien language through the grand total of 5 five TV programs we have had at that time. 3 czechoslovakien and two polish as the TV signal easily reached across the near by border.


Thanks to that luxury, I have esentialy grew up polyglot speaking and understanding 3 languages ever since I can remember.


At the age of 10 I had to start an official foreign language education at school.
The choice fell on German. My sister was already learning English and my parents suggested that it may be a good idea to widen our family language base with a language spoken in two neighbouring countries.
It all made sense at the time.


I have ended up studying German for 9 years. At one point, I was even able to make a sentenace.
However I never learned it well enough to be confident using it.


As I finished my studies and moved out of my home town in search for adventure and livelihood, I have stopped using all the languages I have learned (except for my mother tongue of course). I simply didn't come across them anymore.


Time went by and all was well until I got itchy feet again and decided to look for yet another adventure ( I do that every once in a while, you know) and I decided to move to England.


Of course I did not speak english at the time. In fact one of my reasons for moving to UK was indeed to learn the language.


I was excited, scared and determined. And as you can probably see from the language I'm primarily using on this blog, I was also sucessful.


Not only successful. I totaly smashed it! I was able to get by in mere 7 weeks and I was fluent within 6 months.


I started as an aupair ( for a dog!) and a helping hand at various livery yards. With my language skills improoving and my confidence fast growing, I was able to get propper job in the coffee shop soon and I started to aim even higher.


I started to write CV's. That's when I realized my german needed a bit of polishing. In fact, that's when I realized that my german is practicaly non-existent.
I spent 9 years learning it and now I can't remember even the basic phrases.


Fast forward few years and I have now managed to learn Spanish and get good start on Rusian.


Now is time to test my language learning system with my dreaded German again.


Except this time I'm actually really excited about it and I invite you to join me on my journey not only to relearn German, but learn as many languages as I posibly can using my own system and also serching other most effective language learning systems and tips out there.


I hope you will enjoy the ride and learn along the way.

Now fasten your seatbelts...





He loves dictionaries, translators, books and movies in all kinds of languages. He absorbs new vocabulary like a sponge and he loves to use it at every oportunity. His favourite thing to do is to read childrens books, watch kids programs and travel to different counties to practice what he'd learned.





She has a passion for languages and loves to talk to people and learn about their culture.
She has found a way to learn languages fast and easy and strives to find, how to make the learning experience even faster, smoother and most importantly more fun so others can enjoy their language learning journey too.